Since having entered the technology age, it is no longer necessary to operate in the dark ages of check writing. We are doing for the barter/trade industry what the credit card industry has done for the banking industry! The old methods have been eliminated, and completely updated new standards are being established. What this means to you is there is no time wasted in transaction processing and no errors made by your staff. You get a cost effective transaction system, and your members get instant credit for each sale.

By using the latest in IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology we can provide access to computer databases from any telephone, with input over standard telephone connections. Today any “touch-tone” telephone, anywhere, can be a computer terminal. Besides being an Information or Database Access method, this technology can also be expanded to a wide range of applications in other major categories; including: Call Centers and Office Automation.

Utilizing the IVR technology and the telephone is the most cost effective and accurate method of handling transaction processing. There is no need for any complicated devices, just the telephone. Our systems do the rest. This system frees you and your staff to run your business, where you are needed most. And, if you choose the Automatic Fee Collection option, we can cut your cost in time of processing cash fee collections too.

NO Upfront Fee, NO Set-up Fee, NO Hidden Fees, NO Administrative Fee
The only charge for the transaction processing is a small “revenue sharing” fee based on your monthly volume. For a detailed quote contact an Instatraderepresentative today.

You will see your trade volume increase because of the ease and convenience of the “Instant Credit Card” Transaction System. Instant crediting, instead of having to wait for deposits to come in, will insure that you are getting paid today for what you do!

You get the assurance of online security and verification three ways: phone, fax and e-mail. Every transaction confirmation is instantly sent to: the buyer, the seller, and you – the Trade Exchange.

Caller ID recognition ]identifies the origin of each call for easy correction of mistakes, and for security. It also eliminates the need for the member to enter his account number; thus, making transaction processing much quicker and easier.

Your members have access to the Instatrade system 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. They can call anytime to get transactions processed, even after your business hours. You also have access to your data at anytime of the day or night, password protected, and safe from prying eyes.

We provide assistance with system implementation, marketing, artwork and design support to complete the transition to
the Instatrade system.

We can also process your monthly cash fees through automated collection for all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express), or ACH (checking account direct debits), within the US.

To learn more, contact an Instatrade representative today.


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